Justin Moore

Vice Principal, Curriculum
Email: justin_moore@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.794.5553

Brandee Jersak

Administrative Assistant
Email: brandee_jersak@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.794.5553

Hollie Redden

District Literacy Coordinator
Email: hollie_redden@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.794.5553

Carly Beamin

District Curriculum Support Teacher - French
Email: carly_beamin@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.794.5553

Michael Petersen

District Curriculum Support Teacher - Literacy
Email: michael_petersen@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.794.5553

Heather Elliott

District Curriculum Support Teacher - ADST & Career Education

Heather is a certified shop teacher, currently working in the SD33 Curriculum department, supporting ADST and Career Education programs.  Heather believes in the power of building strong relationships with staff and students, and is passionate about hands-on learning.

Email: heather_elliott@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.794.5553

Janet Foreman

District Curriculum Support Teacher - Math & Science
Email: janet_foreman@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.794.5553

Karen Allan

K/1 Literacy Intervention Coordinator
Email: karen_allan@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.794.5553

Nicole Hayes

Math Support Teacher
Email: nicole_hayes@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.794.5553